About BBC Microbit Programs

- Follow these steps to return to the factory default program "Away from obstacles and run automatically".

Things To Prepare:
• PC connected to the Internet (Win / Mac etc.) (It may not work normally with tablet terminal or smartphone.)
• Micro USB cable (sold separately)
• Microcomputer robot work set (crawler type)

1. Connect the PC and "BBC Microbit".
BBC Microbit
Switch off the robot and connect the PC and "BBC micro bit" using a micro USB cable. The computer needs to be connected to the internet.

2. If connected properly, "MICROBIT" will be displayed on the computer screen.
BBC Microbit It appears as a drive named "MICROBIT" on the desktop or explorer of your computer. If you can not connect properly, there are many causes for the micro USB cable. In that case, please try another micro USB cable.

3. Download the program to your PC and save it.
BBC Microbit Download the driving program from the link below. Right-click (Windows: Save link destination as Mac, Mac: save link destination as alias) and save it on the desktop.

Basic Program (coming soon)

4. Make sure that the program is saved properly.
BBC Microbit If the download as successfully completed, the file "01_DrivingProgram_v1.hex" is saved on your computer.

5. Copy the saved file to "BBC Microbit".
BBC Microbit Drag and drop the downloaded and saved file "01_DrivingProgram_v1.hex" to "MICROBIT" to copy it. You have now returned to the factory program.

6. Check the robot operation.
BBC Microbit

Disconnect the micro USB cable and switch on the robot to check the operation.