Lockheed F-35 A Lightning II out of the box build!

Our All-New Lockheed F-35 A Lightning II model kit in 1/48 scale was released just a short time ago. We are sure some of you may have been working on your kit during the holiday season. As chance would have it, former Tamiya Con winner, Jim Wechsler surprised the Tamiya America office with his recent build of this amazing kit over the holiday season! We took some detailed photos of his build and we’re sharing them with our modeling customers. Enjoy!

Build Fun Facts:

• Out of the box build.
• Tamiya Extra Thin Cement used to glue the kit together.
• The overall color is Tamiya Neutral Gray darkened with black then panel faded with neutral gray.
• Kit decals used.
• Acrylic rod used to display the model in flight with its bomb bay doors opened.

F-35A_1 F-35A_2 F-35A_3 F-35A_4 F-35A_5 F-35A_6 F-35A_7 F-35A_8 F-35A_9 F-35A_10 F-35A_11 F-35A_12 F-35A_13 F-35A_14 F-35A_15 F-35A_16 F-35A_17 F-35A_18 F-35A_19 F-35A_20 F-35A_21 F-35A_22