Paint Requirements for the 24346 Ford GT

Paint for the 24346 Ford GT Model Kit

With the new 24346 Ford GT about to land on store shelves, we've put together a list of paint requirements that you'll need to complete the model. This will give you a head start to check your paint inventory or, if you're new to modeling, grab the colors to finish off this awesome kit!

Here's the list with the appropriate links:

85050 TS-50 Mica Blue

81501 Acrylic Mini X-1 Black

81507 Acrylic Mini X-7 Red

81511 Acrylic Mini X-11 Chrome Silver

81518 Acrylic Mini X-18 Semi Gloss Black

81526 Acrylic Mini X-26 Clear Orange

81527 Acrylic Mini X-27 Clear Red

81532 Acrylic Mini X-32 Titan Silver

81701 Acrylic Mini XF-1 Flat Black

81702 Acrylic Mini XF-2 Flat White

81716 Acrylic Mini XF-16 Flat Aluminum

81756 Acrylic Mini XF-56 Metallic Gray