Share Your Home Hobby Contest - Mini 4WD Edition

Share Your Home Hobby Contest - Mini 4WD Edition

If you love the Tamiya Mini 4WDs, a quick picture of your personalized project car (or truck) could net you an amazing prize! It can be anything - creative customizing, beautiful paintwork, amazing styling - you name it, we want to see it!

We are looking for a picture, not a video, and only the vehicles below are eligible:

#18655 Tamiya Toyota GR Supra (MA Chassis)
#18656 Tamiya RoboRace Devbot 2.0 (MA Chassis)
#18717 Tamiya Dyipne (FM-A Chassis)
#95517 Tamiya Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC (MA Chassis)
#95533 Tamiya Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid 2019 (MA Chassis)

Additional Guidelines:
• Only one picture can be entered per person

Entry Period:
May 12 to July 31, 2020

- All picture entries will be posted on our site.
- From all the posted pictures, we will choose the best two and send them to Tamiya, Inc.
- Tamiya, Inc. will also post them to the official Tamiya homepage and choose the best picture from those submitted all over the world.

To Enter:
Please provide the following information below via e-mail ( when submitting your entry (ommission of any field will render your entry ineligible):
• Your full name
• E-mail address
• Country of residence
• Occupation
• How long have you been driving?
• Your Picture
• Brief comment about your Picture

How to Submit Your Picture:
Attach a .jpeg image of your car to the same email as listed above along with the information requested.

Legal Stuff
By applying you hereby agree that we and Tamiya, Inc. have the right to freely use and publicize works pictures of authors, and information, without financial compensation.

We look forward to receiving your entry!