Tamiya Championship Series National Finals 2023 Winners!

The 2023 Tamiya Championship Series radio control car racing season has concluded! After a short hiatus, due to the worldwide pandemic pause, the long running Tamiya radio control car racing promotional event once again took place. This year’s National FINALS was again hosted by Hobbytown-Hobbyplex in Omaha, Nebraska and the master of ceremonies was none other than announcing legend, and the 1996 TCS GT National 4WD Champion, Scotty Ernst! The racing action was competitive and nerve racking! Battles took place. Nerves were tested. Set up choices were made. In the end all had fun. That fun was thanks to the announcing talents of Scotty and the smooth organization by Tim Ski, and Tony K, which made the event fun and smooth for all!

Without further delay, we present you all the winners from the eight classes run at this year’s FINALS, including the three winners from GT-2, M-Chassis, and GT-Pro-Spec whose next stop is Shizuoka, Japan where the Tamiya World Championships will be held in November! Congratulations to all! See you in 2024!

Japan Winners

Japan Trip Winners: Daniel Ho, Charlie Lydon, and Vue Vang

M-Chassis Podium 1st place-Charlie Lydon 2nd place-Al Sodano 3rd place-Ken McKinney

M-Chassis Podium

GT-2 Podium 1st place-Daniel Ho 2nd place-ChrisTyler 3rd place-John Brown


GT-Pro-Spec Podium 1st place-Vue Vang 2nd place-Tim Ski 3rd place-John Incantalupo

GT-Pro Spec Podium

GT-1 Podium 1st place-Alex Sturgeon 2nd place-Daniel Spransy 3rd place-Mark Haines

GT-1 Podium

GT-NOVICE Podium 1st place-Chris Hyda [TQ] 2nd place-Ben Czaplewski 3rd place-Max Camp

Novice Podium

Formula One Podium 1st place-Daniel Spransy [TQ] 2nd place-Vishal Singh 3rd place-Mitchell Pavel

F1 podium

Euro Truck Podium 1st place-Ken McKinney [TQ] 2nd place-Jeffrey Stevens 3rd place-Charlie Lydon

Euro Podium

GT-E Podium 1st place-Vue Vang 2nd place-Tim Ski 3rd place-Bob Foster

GT-E Podium