Tamiya Championship Series Rules UPDATE for 2021/22

The Tamiya Championship Series rules and regulations have received a fresh update. The update applies for the remainder of the races in 2021 and for the races coming up in 2022. Here’s a quick overview of the changes.

  1. The format of the rules has been split into articles similar to how Formula One formats theirs. The new document format helps keep track of specifics, more easily.
  2. We are sticking with the REEDY FT (Fixed Timing) motors for 2022. These low-cost motors continue to make things easier for all concerned.
  3. Participants in the Pro-Spec class may now use a polycarbonate replacement/option wing for any of the legal body sets allowed in the class. We did this as we know the stock ABS plastic wings are harder to replace. The wing allowed is the wing that most closely matches the stock look of the wings found on the Mercedes, Ford and Porsche bodies, allowed in the class. See PDF in the TCS Rules section for specifics.
  4. Sourcing the M-Chasses RIDE pre-mount tires has taken longer than expected. Until re-stock is fulfilled, we have added our two new m-chassis radial tires. Specifics on these tires are found in the rules. If you still have RIDE pre-mounts in your arsenal, you may still use them. The racers at the recent Hobbyplex event found the new Tamiya tires to be on par with the RIDE pre-mounts.

The updated rules can be found here: Tamiya Championship Series rules.