Tamiya T3-01 Dual Rider Rally Build

Tamiya 57407 T3-01 Dual Rider Rally Build

Ever since the T3-01 trike has been released, I've had this crazy notion to build something different with it - something fun, exciting and out-of-the-box.

That being said, I'll be taking our new 57407 Dual Rider T3-01 Trike, adding a slew of our new option parts and giving it a very different look. Here's what's on the bench at the moment to start the build:

57407 Tamiya Dual Rider Trike
54832 Tamiya T3-01 Rear Wide Pin Spike Tires
54833 Tamiya T3-01 Wheels for Rear Wide Pin Spike Tires
54834 Tamiya T3-01 Full Ball Bearing Set
54836 Tamiya T3-01 Front Caramel Block Tire
54838 Tamiya T3-01 Steering Spring Set
54839 Tamiya T3-01 Front Spring Set
54840 Tamiya T3-01 Rear Spring Set
54842 Tamiya T3-01 Aluminum Front Axle Shaft
54843 Tamiya T3-01 Aluminum Swing Shaft
54857 Tamiya T3-01 One-Piece Rear Axle Shaft Set
54858 Tamiya T3-01 Aluminum Servo Horn
54859 Tamiya T3-01 FRP Support Arm

Since this project is starting from the ground up, there's a good chance the parts list will change. I'll have a final parts list at the end of the build but, for now, this is what I'm going with.

Stay tuned...