TCS Race #267 Race Results – Cal Raceway – California

TCS Race #267 Race Results – Cal Raceway – California

We are back to racing!!!!!

Tamiya Championship Series Race #267 just wrapped up with it being held at Cal Raceway in Orange, California. We had a whopping 15 heats with every Tamiya class being well supported! Here's what the entries looked like:

GT Novice Spec: 14 entries GT-Pro Spec: 8 entries Formula 1: 13 entries Euro Truck: 31 entries Mini: 19 entries GT-E: 7 entries GT-2: 19 entries GT-1: 9 entries

With the normal 2 rounds of qualifying and single mains, the event rolled off quickly and easily with the trophy presentation rounding out at around 5:30-ish.

Let's take a look at the winners from all the categories:

Top 3 Winners

GT Novice Spec TCS 267 Top 3 Winners - GT Novice Spec

  1. Darren Huang
  2. Aaliyah Burnam
  3. Jack Ramsey

GT-Pro Spec TCS 267 Top 3 Winners - GT-Pro Spec

  1. Jerry Holsti
  2. Wendra Poedjorahardjo
  3. Carlos Duarte

Formula 1 TCS 267 Top 3 Winners - Formula 1

  1. Mike Rydwell
  2. Carlos Duarte
  3. Brian Ruvalcaba

Euro Truck TCS 267 Top 3 Winners - Euro Truck

  1. Izzy Suarez
  2. Kevin Burnam
  3. Craig Hammon (not pictured)

Mini TCS 267 Top 3 Winners - Mini

  1. Jason Smith
  2. Jason Huang
  3. Chris Widado

GT-E TCS 267 Top 3 Winners - GT-E

  1. Orlando Sherman
  2. Phillip Enriquez
  3. Rajan Monteiro

GT-2 TCS 267 Top 3 Winners - GT-2

  1. Matt Allen
  2. Mike Rydwell
  3. Brian Ruvalcaba

GT-1 TCS 267 Top 3 Winners - GT-1

  1. Edgar Fiallos
  2. Matt Allen
  3. Danny Hua

A short concensus confirmed everyone had an amazing time and wants another TCS event at Cal Raceway again this year - we'll keep everyone posted when we get the dates established!

A big thank you to Mike Rywell of Cal Raceway & Exotek for being an amazing host, and to Edgar Fiallos, Calvin Simmons, and Christian Lopez for running an efficient tech are!

Most of all, we'd like to thank all the particants, especially to all the young kids, and young adults who are new to our fun hobby!

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Full race results, including every qualifying round may be found here: RC SCORING PRO