FAQ's / Coupon Code

What is a Coupon Code?

TamiyaUSA Discount/Coupon codes are unique codes that allow you to receive discounts on products or services from our website. These codes are offered for special events and promotions.

We are actively working to create coupons for events and you the customer. To receive Tamiya Discount Codes sign up for our newsletter or ask at your next Tamiya Race/Event you attend.

Where do I use the code?

Once you have added an item on our website to your cart, you can enter the coupon code. The Discount Code box is located on your screen to the left of the subtotal. After you have entered the code, click the apply button to view your discount.

I entered the code but nothing happens?

If you enter a code, clicked apply, and the Product Total has not been reduced, it is because you do not have anything in your cart that applies to that specific coupon.

Example: If you applied a coupon for 10% off R/C parts and only had a kit or paint in your cart, there would be no discount. Once you have added a R/C part, the discount would be valid.

What are the limitations of codes?

Each code has a specific set of requirements, which limits its usage. For example, a code could be limited based on the following:

Expiration Date
Shipping Discounts
Product types
One use per person
To be used by only certain people (as a Prize or gift)
Free Item

*Other limits may be applied. Check your discount code for any limitations.

My code is for a free item, but the code will not work?

There are two ways the free item code will work.

1. If you buy Product A, you get Product B for free.
You must add Product A to your cart and then enter the code and click apply. After you click apply, Product B will appear in your cart.

2. If your code is for a new product, you must add Product A to your cart, then enter the code. It will become free after applying the code.