FAQ's / Credit Card

What types of credit cards do you accept?

We accept the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, JCB

Do you accept Credit Cards from outside of the USA if I have a USA shipping address?

Sorry we only accept Credit Cards issued in the the USA with US Billing and Shipping address

Do you accept Gift Card type Credit Cards?

Some gift cards allow you to add a billing address, cards of this type are usable on our site as long as the rest of the criteria on this page is met. All other cards would not be usable as there no billing address attached to the card.

Is my information secure?

Yes your information is secure, you will pass your Credit Card info to Verisign who handles all of our transactions. No Card info is stored on our servers for your protection. Please see our Privacy Statement for more information.

I can't get past the input credit card info screen, but it looks like my card is charged. Are you going to bill me multiple times?

Each time you submit your Card info it is authorized to make sure the information is correct and funds are available. If everything is correct and you finalize your order your Credit Card will be authorized. Once your items have shipped your Credit Card will be charged for the actual amount shipped only.

But I see multiple charges on my Credit Card?

These are not charges, they are authorizations from failed attempts, the authorization hold will be released after a few days by your bank if not charged against.

How do I know if you only received one order from my multiple attempts?

You will get an e-mail for every successful order. One e-mail is one successful order, that will be charged when shipped

My Credit card did not go through?

Possible causes:

Bad card #
Bad Billing address
Bad CSC #
Bad Expiration date

We recommend checking your statement for spelling issues, It's your Credit Card holding Bank that is rejecting it, we only look at Success or Fail from your bank.

What if I do not have a Credit Card?

We accept PAYPAL as well on our site.