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Rc Trf101 Chassis Kit

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This is the new TRF101 chassis kit designed for the ultimate Formula One R/C racing enthusiast. The data collected from TRF team member experience has provided this ... Learn more

Rc Trf101 Chassis Kit

  1. Description

    This is the new TRF101 chassis kit designed for the ultimate Formula One R/C racing enthusiast. The data collected from TRF team member experience has provided this enhanced F1 chassis the best possible performance potential.

    Based on the F104 Ver.II chassis, it has a longitudinal battery position, and features a carbon lower deck and lower brace. The rear suspension features a center pivot ball and L/R side links with pitch and roll dampers. Small adjustments can be made to the suspension with the use of different viscosities of oil and spring hardness.

    The front suspension features a new one-piece carbon upper arm design which helps heighten cornering performance. A longitudinally-mounted positioned servo (must use low profile servo) enables precise steering feel, while the pivot-ball link rear suspension features 3 side link attachment positions for increased setting positions. Components such as integrated differential housing and carbon rear shaft, a wide aluminum motor mount and differential joints positioned closer to the chassis center were designed with feedback from the TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) team.

    • 3mmThick Carbon Lower Deck
    • 3mmThick Carbon Lower Brace
    • 3mmThick Carbon Body Mount Plate
    • 2.5mm Thick Carbon Front Upper Arm
    • 2mm Thick Carbon Motor Mount Rear Plate
    • Battery Plate
    • Aluminum Motor Mount
    • Aluminum Diff Housing A
    • Aluminum Clamp Type Wheel Hub (L)
    • Aluminum Suspension Mount
    • Aluminum King Pin Mount
    • Aluminum Servo Mount
    • Carbon Rear Shaft integrated with Diff Housing B
    • TRF Damper (HL Cylinder + Titanium Coated Shaft)
    • High-Efficiency Roll Damper
    • Hi-Torque Servo Saver
    • Aluminum Horn for Hi-Torque Servo Saver
    • Adjustable Metal Steering Uprights
    • Aluminum Finned Motor Spacer
    • Aluminum Turnbuckles
    • 04 Module Spur Gear (96T)
    • 04 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (24T)
    • Fluorine Sealed Ball Bearings
    • Tungsten Carbide Diff Balls
    • Titanium Coated King Pins

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  2. Specifications

    • Adjustable Gear Ratio Yes
    • Bearings Shielded ball bearing
    • Body Material Not Included
    • Chassis Material Carbon fiber plate
    • Chassis Type TRF101
    • Construction Type Assembly Kit
    • Differential Type Ball Pressure Plate
    • Discontinued True
    • Drive Type pinion to spur gear
    • Led Light Buckets no
    • Motor Not Included
    • Requires A 2-channel radio gear, steering servo, ESC, 7.2-7.4V battery pack & charger, motor, tires, Formula Type Body Set,
    • Scale 1/10
    • Shock Damper Oil-filled damper
    • Special Feature 1 Features newly-designed rear carbon shaft, stoppers, motor mount, links & main chassis
    • Special Feature 10 Carbon axle
    • Special Feature 2 Uses aluminum HL roll friction damper and TRF damper for pitch and roll
    • Special Feature 3 Rear suspension links may be positioned in 3 settings
    • Special Feature 4 Carbon fiber front upper A-arm
    • Special Feature 5 Adjustable aluminum front steering uprights
    • Special Feature 6 New Aluminum diff housing and left hub carrier
    • Special Feature 7 Low-profile servo and standard size servo may be used
    • Special Feature 8 1.5 and 2.5 camber angle adjustment
    • Special Feature 9 Aluminum servo horn
    • Suspension front kingpin coil spring independent suspension/solid axle rear
    • Terrain Use on-road