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Rc Honda City Turbo


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This RC model is an updated release of a Tamiya classic, which was released as "Willy"s Wheeler" back in 1983. It has returned upon a newly-overhauled variant of the ... Learn more

Rc Honda City Turbo

  1. Description

    This RC model is an updated release of a Tamiya classic, which was released as "Willy"s Wheeler" back in 1983. It has returned upon a newly-overhauled variant of the WR-02 chassis. It is fitted with a Honda City Turbo body, which also includes a comical driver figure.

    The WR-02 chassis features a 2WD drive-train with fully independent double wishbone suspension.
    The 185mm wheelbase WR-02C chassis utilizes a sturdy monocoque frame which encompasses and protects the gearbox, enhanced by side members. The gear differential unit housed inside the sealed gearbox receives its power from the centerline-mounted motor, and passes it on to the rear wheels. A longitudinal position for the battery pack contributes to the model's optimal weight distribution to ensure that when the City Turbo accelerates in a hurry, it performs a dynamic and thrilling wheelie, cushioned by the wheelie roller bar to ensure that the car doesn't topple over. The steering servo is also positioned along the centerline of the chassis, using a 2 tie-rod setup for straightforward handling. The model also features 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension for a smooth ride. For ease of assembly, the gearbox and motor come pre-assembled.

    ●Length: 345mm, Width: 210mm, Height: 165mm
    ●Wheelbase: 185mm
    ●Tread: 165mm (Front), 170mm (Rear)
    ●Tire Width/Diameter: 35/70mm (Front), 42/70mm (Rear)
    ●Resin Monocoque Frame
    ●Rear-Wheel 2WD
    ●4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension
    ●Front/Rear Friction Dampers
    ●2-Piece Steering Tie Rod
    ●3-Bevel Differentials
    ●Gear Ratio: 16.5:1
    ●Torque-Tuned Motor

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  2. Specifications

    • Adjustable Gear Ratio Yes
    • Bearings Plastic bushing
    • Body Material ABS Plastic
    • Body Stickers Included
    • Chassis Material ABS Plastic
    • Chassis Type WR-02
    • Construction Type Assembly kit
    • Differential Type Gear
    • Drive Type 2WD
    • Electronic Speed Control (esc) Includes Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC (electronic speed control) Capable of running sensor brushless motors and brushed motors alike. (21.5 Turn BL motor limit) (23 Turn brushed motor limit)
    • Led Light Buckets No
    • Motor 540-brushed type
    • Requires A 2-channel radio, steering servo, 7.2volt battery & battery charger, and Tamiya TS paint.
    • Scale 1/10
    • Shock Damper Friction damper
    • Special Feature 1 The WR-02C chassis is based upon the WR-02, and inherits its playful and fun drivability. It features an unusual 185mm wheelbase.
    • Special Feature 2 Power is supplied to the rear wheels from the centrally-mounted motor.
    • Special Feature 3 Features wide rear tires.
    • Special Feature 4 Comes with a pre-assembled gearbox and motor unit for faster ease of assembly.
    • Special Feature 5 The small, playful hatchback body remains as the original 1983 release.
    • Special Feature 6 Includes Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC (capable of running brushed and brushless motors)
    • Suspension Fully independent double wishbone
    • Terrain Use On-Road