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Rc Leopard 2 A6

Full Option Kit

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Widely recognized as the best modern day Main Battle Tank (MBT), Tamiya introduces the latest German Leopard 2 tank, the Leopard 2 A6, to the 1/16 scale R/C tank ... Learn more

Rc Leopard 2 A6

  1. Description

    Widely recognized as the best modern day Main Battle Tank (MBT), Tamiya introduces the latest
    German Leopard 2 tank, the Leopard 2 A6, to the 1/16 scale R/C tank series. Tamiya"s biggest R/C
    tank ever, it"s just like driving the real thing!

    The T-07 DMD unit provides the 1/16 R/C Leopard 2 A6 with more features than any other Tamiya R/C tank. The T-07 unit matches engine sound (which has been digitally recorded from a real MB873-Ka501 turbo-charged diesel engine) with tank movements, and controls various lightning combinations activated easily with transmitter. Turret rotation, gun elevation and firing sounds also add to the realism of this model. The T-07 unit and 7.2V battery are mounted in the turret for easy and quick accessibility.
    The R/C Leopard 2 A6 is equipped with a sound speaker unit mounted at the center of the hull. A xenon flash tube is used to make gun firing more convincing. When fired, main gun recoils and then goes back smoothly to its initial position thanks to a gearbox mounted in the turret. Of course, these actions are coupled with sound effects which have been digitally recorded from the actual tank.
    The R/C Leopard is powered by 2 high-torque Type 540 motors. A specially designed gearbox allows smooth power transmission at both low and high speeds. This system accurately imitates the transmission of the actual tank. One motor controls forward/backward movement and the other motor allows the tank to turn and rotate. Suspension comes equipped with torsion bars that give this model high mobility.
    In order to obtain smooth rotation, the turret ring has been equipped with 20 steel balls. The newly designed system for gun elevation and recoil effect features a servo for more realistic movements. While rotating turret with gun in lowered position, the gun automatically raises and goes back to its initial position to avoid the engine deck, like the actual tank.
    The R/C leopard 2 A6 features various workable lights such as headlights, tail lamps, brake lights, black-out lights and rotating light. Model features 7 lighting combinations, 4 for tank during combat operations and 3 during non-combat operations. Main gun and axial machinegun also flash when fired.
    Kit includes die-cast sprockets and lathe-turned aluminum gun barrel. The double-pin tracks, which are equipped with pads made out of rubber like the actual tank, come pre-assembled. In order to obtain an even more striking feel of realism, mesh of the baskets mounted on rear of turret, and grills on the engine compartment cooling fans have been reproduced with photo-etched parts.

    Used by more than 10 European nations, Germany's Leopard 2 tanks are a perfect balance of firepower, protection, mobility and availability. With the Leopard 2A5 regarded as the most powerful tank in the world with superior protection and fire power, the latest Leopard 2, the 2A6, features an even more powerful weapon system. The Leopard 2A5 featured replaceable wedge shaped armor on the turret, improved PERI-R 17 panoramic Commander's sight with thermal vision, spall liner on the turret interior for protection against splinters, all-electric gun control and stabilization system for easy maintenance and reduced noise, GPS navigation system, electro-pneumatic driver's hatch and a CCD camera mounted on the rear of tank for high-speed reversing. The Leopard 2A6 featured improved firepower including a 55 caliber 120mm smoothbore main gun utilizing kinetic energy LKE II ammunition for higher muzzle speed and lethality. The 2A6 has been employed by the German 403 tank battalion since March 2001, and is scheduled to replace all German 2A5 tanks by 2006. The use of the 2A6 continues to spread throughout Europe with the Netherlands, Spain and Greece adopting the 2A6 for their main battle tank. With continued improvements the 2A6 continues to set new standards as the world's best MBT.

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    The front-mounted gearbox contains two Type 380 motors that can operate together or individually to produce forward/reverse running and pivot turning. Metal torsion bars and suspension arms combine with the wide tracks to smoothly absorb bumps and dips in the terrain and provide high maneuverability. In addition, realistic engine sounds accompany the tank as it starts up, drives, and stops to idle. Hull-mounted main gun can be elevated, depressed, and swung to the left and right.

    Parts Description
  2. Specifications

    • Adjustable Gear Ratio n/a
    • Bearings metal bushings
    • Body Material ABS Plastic
    • Chassis Material plastic
    • Construction Type assembly kit
    • Differential Type n/a
    • Drive Type gearbox
    • Led Light Buckets no
    • Led Lights no
    • Motor 540-brushed type
    • Requires A 4-channel radio gear
    • Scale 1/16
    • Shock Damper n/a
    • Special Feature 1 Overall length: 688mm, Overall width: 237mm
    • Special Feature 10 Height: 186mm, Rear turret to gun tip: 688mm, Width: 237mm, Weight (fully loaded): 4750g
    • Special Feature 2 Comes with DMD Unit T-07 for real action movement, lighting and digital sound effects
    • Special Feature 3 2 lighting modes (same as the real tank) for a total of 7 lighting combinations
    • Special Feature 4 Rotating turret: 360 degrees in 9 seconds (same as the real tank)
    • Special Feature 5 Gun elevation: maximum elevation 20 degrees, maximum depression 9 degrees
    • Special Feature 6 Sharp turning and pivot turning
    • Special Feature 7 Gun automatically reloads and returns to original firing position
    • Special Feature 8 Recoil action after firing main gun
    • Special Feature 9 Engine start-up, shut down, acceleration, discharge etc. digitally recorded from real tank
    • Suspension torsion bar
    • Terrain Use multi-purpose