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Vought F4U-1A Corsair

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A Big Step on the Path to Greatness With a highly complex P&W; R-2800 engine generating 2,000hp, a 4-meter propeller and striking gull wings, the Corsair was ... Learn more

Vought F4U-1A Corsair

  1. Description

    A Big Step on the Path to Greatness
    With a highly complex P&W R-2800 engine generating 2,000hp, a 4-meter propeller and striking gull wings, the Corsair was certainly a memorable aircraft; it was effective, too, and was one of the mainstays of the U.S. Navy. The F4U-1A variant was assigned to units from Summer 1943, and featured upgrades such as a semi-bubble canopy (to improve previously limited visibility), plus the ability to carry bombs of up to 1,000lb. It saw a large amount of action in fighting with the Japanese Navy around the Solomon Islands; the Corsair continued to serve through the Korean War in the guise of further variants, the bomber capability pioneered by the F4U-1A proving a most effective addition to the aircraft's inherent ability.

    This is a 1/32 scale plastic model assembly kit of the F4U-1A Corsair. Fueslage length: 318mm, wingspan: 390mm. ★Features specific to the F4U-1A such as the semi-bubble canopy, starboard leading edge spoiler and extended tail wheel strut are captured with accuracy. ★The model accurately reflects the new F4U-1A seat position and accompanying changes in the cockpit. ★Assemble with flaps and elevators in up or down position as per your preference. ★2-piece engine cowling can be removed after assembly to allow appreciation of the breathtaking engine recreation. ★Aircraft can be assembled in parked or airborne state. ★3 included marking options recreate U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps units.

    Parts Description
  2. Specifications

    • Construction Type Assembly kit
    • Decals Included
    • Photo-Etch Parts Included
    • Required To Complete Cement, Paint and Finishing Supplies
    • Scale 1/32
    • Special Feature 1 The model captures the upgraded form of the F4U-1A variant with precision, including the semi-bubble canopy and raised pilot seat. This required newly-designed cockpit interior parts. Details such as new instrumentation panel and console designs are also depicted.
    • Special Feature 10 Includes 3 sets of markings and painting guide. Recreate U.S. Navy or Marine Corps unit aircraft.
    • Special Feature 2 Clear engine cowling parts are included. (Note: Only for the US market)
    • Special Feature 3 Modelers can choose whether to assemble the model with its distinctive inverted gull wings extended or folded away.
    • Special Feature 4 Flaps and elevators can also be depicted in open or closed positions.
    • Special Feature 5 Starboard wing spoiler is recreated.
    • Special Feature 6 Includes 2 types of tail landing gear wheel to enable depiction of elongated strut.
    • Special Feature 7 Comes with parts depicting drop tank and 500lb bomb.
    • Special Feature 8 2 figures depict pilot in seated or standing position.
    • Special Feature 9 The complex Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engine is faithfully depicted in all its glory, including early variant distributor. Removable 2-piece engine cowl allows the engine to be viewed.