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    Aliso Viejo, CA

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  1. Tamiya Test Track
    4 Orion (at the end of the culdesac)
    Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
    For more details call 949-362-2240 (ask for customer service)

    About the Tamiya America R&D Test Track Facility

    The Tamiya America R&D test facility was built in 1993 and it is used to test and evaluate new products. It is also used to host many of Tamiya America's racing events. These events include the Tamiya Championship Series, The Reedy Race of Champions, and select Open Grand Prix races

    When these events aren't taking place the Tamiya Test Track facility is open to the general public every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except on holidays. Tamiya America welcomes all with a passion for Tamiya radio control race cars to come by and join the fun facility. It's a great place to learn how to drive on a smooth asphalt racetrack as well as learn how to set up a radio control car to changing track conditions. There's also a dirt track on the premises where everyone may enjoy their favorite Tamiya off-road vehicle.

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    Raceway map
    Tamiya Raceway 4 Orion, Aliso Viejo CA 92656 Directions

    Track Details

    • FEE

      The track is FREE to use for open practice on Saturdays.


      Saturdays 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


      Power to the Tamiya America Track is currently shut off. Guests attending the track on Saturdays are asked to bring pre-charged battery packs to run their cars or they may also bring their own personal silent gas generators for their convenience.


      The Tamiya facility only has a few benches. Everyone attending is strongly encouraged to bring their own portable tables and chairs.


      There are no spare parts for sale at the Tamiya facility. Please look to your favorite Tamiya Dealer for spare parts support. Spare parts may also be ordered directly through the Tamiya USA website.


      For those new to the Tamiya Test Track Facility we have listed a basic set of rules and guidelines below. These rules and guidelines are there for everyone's benefit and to make sure that everyone's experience is a pleasant one.


      The only brand of cars allowed on the Tamiya facility is Tamiya manufactured vehicles.


      The Tamiya facility has a group of volunteers who maintain the track. The volunteers are made up of a group of racers who often participate in the Tamiya Championship Racing Series. They are a great group of guys to get to know if you need help. They can answer questions, help those who are new to a race track environment, explain the rules, so everyone has a good time. These volunteers are also helpful in answering questions about Tamiya products as well as that of the general hobby market.

    Buy spare parts


    Frequency Board

    1. The track facility has a radio frequency board. This board is used so the use of radio frequencies is easily policed and everyone's vehicle stays under control. The board has frequency clips that must be used at all times. The board has the following frequencies: 1-6 in the 27 MHz band and 61-90 in the 75 MHz band. When driving on the track you must first make certain your frequency is available for use. Simply go to the board and if the frequency is open grab the clip and drive. The frequency clip must also be used when testing or checking your vehicle in the pit area. All frequency clips must be returned when you're done with your run on the track so others that are using the same frequency as you may have a chance to drive on the track. We ask that our guests not hog the clips. Those of you who own 2.4 Ghz systems for your radio need not worry about the frequency board as they automatically scan for available frequencies and police themselves.
    2. New comers may easily identify their radios frequency by looking at the back of their radio. If you are uncertain please ask the track volunteers to help you.

    TCS Track Rules of the Road

    The track volunteers will prepare the track surface by blowing off debris from the track each Saturday morning. The track volunteers will also determine the tracks course layout and traffic direction prior to the 10:00 a.m. opening.

    Remember, there is no cost at all for driving at Tamiya America's R&D test facility. The only thing we ask is that you drive a Tamiya vehicle. No other brands of vehicles are permitted. The use of other brand tires, bodies, batteries etc. is allowed. Tamiya only asks that the basic car be a Tamiya.

    When driving on the track make sure to keep your vehicle under control and observe the following basic rules of the road.

    1. Make sure to drive in the direction of the day. Some Saturdays the track runs clockwise and others it runs counter clockwise. This is done to mix things up a bit and to give drivers practice in both directions. The track volunteers always announce the direction prior to the 10 a.m. opening.
    2. You must drive from the drivers stand.
    3. Keep your car under control. Practice smooth control.
    4. Do not stop in the middle of the track. If a problem arises be sure to pull off the driving line and out of the way of the flow of traffic.
    5. If you are stuck on the track somewhere or your car is upside down be sure to warn your fellow drivers on the drivers stand by vocally calling out where the incident is. I.E. if your car is upside down in the sweeper section call out "upside down car in the sweeper section" or "dead car on the straight away" Calling out incidents like this will prevent unnecessary collisions or accidents.
    6. Never stop in the high speed straight away. Always pull your car off from the track in the pit row area.
    7. If a car is lapping the track at a higher pace than yours make way by moving over a foot or two to let the faster car go by. Slower cars need not stop to give way as all that is needed is a foot or two for a faster car to cruise by.
    8. Never turn on your radio or car on unless you have the correct frequency clip. If you have a 2.4 GHz equipped radio it's OK to turn on your radio at any time.
    9. If your vehicle is equipped with reverse, only use it when it's absolutely safe from oncoming traffic.
    10. If parts come off your car and spill onto the track due to an accident please make sure it's safe to walk on the track before retrieving them. Watch for approaching cars at all times.

    With the above rules and guidelines being observed by all our guests we can insure a fun and safe experience. For our new guests we know that it can be intimidating being the new guy at the track with little to no experience. Please feel free to introduce yourselves to the track volunteers and to the people who frequent the track. We promise they don't bite and they are more than happy to teach you the ropes.