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  1. Mini 4WD

    Mini 4WD Chassis Types Read More
  2. Events

    Tamiya Championship Series 2018 Finals Announcement! Read More
  3. RC/Build Up

    RC Driver Online Options Out the Tamiya King Yellow School bus kit! Read More
  4. Mini 4WD

    Tamiya Mini 4WD Building & Option Part Basics Read More
  5. Mini 4WD

    What is Tamiya Mini 4WD? Read More
  6. Educational

    Cam-Program Robot Read More
  7. RC/Build Up

    Tamiya Avante build video part 3. Read More
  8. RC/Build Up

    Tamiya Avante build video part 2. Read More
  9. RC/Build Up

    Tamiya Avante Build Video Part 1. Read More
  10. General

    The future of the TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) brand. Read More