Sprue Fest 2019

Sprue Fest 2019

Sprue Fest 2019 is coming January 19, 2019! What is Sprue Fest you ask? Spruefest is a model building contest put on by Brookhurst Hobbies, which is one of Southern California’s premiere model hobby shops.

Tamiya America is sponsoring the event. We will be on hand displaying new model kit releases, accessories, tools, paints and finishing supplies. We will also be putting on demonstrations on some of our handy tools and accessories. A Tamiya Mini 4WD 3-lane race track will be on site. There will be demonstrations on the world of Mini 4WD. Mini 4WD racing is a huge activity for kids and adults across Japan and most of Asia and its once again gaining popularity in the USA, thanks in part to the support of local hobby shops and their racing programs. Along with that, Sprue Fest has added a Mini 4WD best model contest to the eligible model categories in which participants may compete in. The rules are simple. Pick any Tamiya Mini 4WD car, then paint and detail the body to your most creative whim!

For details about the contest please check out the Brookhurst website: Sprue Fest 2019

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