What is Tamiya Mini 4WD?

What is Tamiya Mini 4WD

Mini 4WD's were introduced by Tamiya in 1982. Since then, seven series of Mini 4WD's have launched in the US market: The Super Mini 4WD series, the Fully Cowled Mini 4WD series, the Racing Mini 4WD series, the Aero Mini 4WD series, the Pro Mini 4WD series, the REV Mini 4WD series and the Mechanical Mini 4WD series.

A cement-free snap together kit, Tamiya Mini 4WD's are basically "plastic model kits". Many upgrade parts are available for performance improvement. For example, using optional ball bearings helps to minimize friction loss and utilize motor power more efficiently. By selecting the right Tune-Up Parts, you can enhance the performance of your car or enhance its stability in curves and during acceleration.

Besides enhancing performance, you can customize your Mini 4WD to make it special or unique. Get creative while "tuning up" your car. Try cutting material out of your car to make it lighter or painting it with vivid colors. Tamiya Mini 4WD's give you the excitement of racing as if you were the car designer, engineer and the racing driver.

Mini 4WD snap together kits are reasonably priced and can be considered a learning experience for many kids. They are easy to assemble, objects of pride and accomplishment for children and their parents. By assembling their own cars, modifying and racing them, children gain a sense of competitiveness and creativity, lacking in many contemporary pastimes.

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