Friday - 2/15/2019 at DXN Provisions - Two Make Gentleman's Race

Which gentleman (or lady) will win the favor of our Lady Dixi? This Friday’s Two Make Gentleman’s Race will pit two cars against each other in a duel for the attention of our Lady Dixi. Will it be the incumbent Baron Viento or the newcomer Lord Guile? Come by Friday and race to find out!

This Friday night’s race starts at 8pm. Come by beforehand to pick up your kit’s body if you wish to paint it ahead of time. Choose between Lord Guile and Baron Viento, both are FMA Chassis cars so the competition should be fierce!

We will race everyone for themselves and possibly have a team race if the numbers of Barons vs Lords are evenly split.

DXN Provisions
215 S. 1st Ave
Arcadia, California 91006
T: (626) 538-7350