Tamiya is there to support your R/C hobby experience

With a diverse range of high quality and realistic R/C product series that takes in speedy racing cars, durable off-road buggies and cars, superbly authentic tractor trucks, imposing tanks and much more, it’s little wonder that Tamiya is the go-to brand for R/C model fans worldwide who want to enjoy the thrill of controlling their own scale vehicle. With many of our products being assembly kits, they are not only fun to drive but also an educational and fulfilling experience that will delight mechanical minds and entertain beginners and experienced modelers alike.

R/C: a fascinating hobby

Tamiya’s high-quality R/C models are classed as hobby products. The assembly process and complete control which they offer their users, not to mention the painting and tuning processes, make them vastly different to the much more basic genre of toy R/C models.

How Radio Control works:

Full control, right at your fingertips!

The popular wheel trigger type of transmitter uses a steering wheel and throttle trigger to steer and propel the model respectively, also offering brake and reverse functions. This intuitive control method allows you to define how sharply the model turns, and how rapidly it moves! Alternatively, some of our R/C models require the use of a traditional two-stick transmitter. This type of transmitter offers more functionality for our models that have working 3-speed transmissions and our R/C tanks that have complete and realistic movement and sound! At your fingertips 2

Upgrade and tune your car – A world of possibilities

A big part of the joy of Tamiya R/C model assembly kits lies in obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary to build a well-designed machine. Our kits include intuitive instruction manuals to assist every step of the way, with clear illustrations helping you understand the makeup of your model. Many of our models are just perfect for racing with other R/C hobbyists and Tamiya offers parts to get the edge on the competition. Tamiya provides helpful advice through its social media and website which provide specialist knowledge to help you tune up your car with Tamiya Hop-Up option parts, and get it set up just how you want it. Upgrade

Getting started in R/C

Check out the 3 steps below for the lowdown on just what you need to get started in R/C!

1. Choose a model

The first important thing to decide is which model you’d like from the vast Tamiya range. What body? What chassis type? On- or off-road? Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find the perfect model for you. Take a good look through the pages in this publication, which not only includes a listing of old and new models, it also introduces a number of the major chassis on offer. Choose your model

2. Get R/C equipment and battery pack

Tamiya electric R/C cars need a 2-channel R/C system, which includes transmitter, receiver, steering servo, and electronic speed controller (ESC). 2.4GHz R/C systems (such as the pictured Finespec 2.4GHz Radio System) are a convenient and popular option, as they eliminate the need for frequency crystals and allow you to drive together with multiple friends, at the same time. Wheel trigger type transmitters are commonly used, but with some of our more intricate R/C models, 4-channel transmitters are also used. Don’t forget, you will also need a 7.2volt battery pack and compatible charger to ensure that your model is powered. Radio Gear

3. Tools help you assemble and maintain your model

Accurate assembly is a prerequisite for a properly running model, and tools have a vital role to play in the process. As you’d expect from a company with such vast experience in the hobby, Tamiya has a massive range of tools ideally tailored to the assembly process, from side cutters for removing plastic parts from their sprues, to cutting knives, screwdrivers and a variety of different wrenches. Tamiya tools offer the reliability and precision to make sure assembly and maintenance are smooth and enjoyable. RC Tools

4. Paint

Part of the enjoyment of building a Tamiya R/C kit is the painting and finishing of the body. Tamiya’s R/C cars are primarily made of polycarbonate sheet material. Polycarbonate is a tough and optically transparent type of plastic. Tamiya’s polycarbonate bodies are manufactured using a thermoform process in which a sheet of polycarbonate material is vacuum formed over our 3-pieces aluminum molds. Alternatively, some of our kits use ABS plastic bodies. These types of bodies are injection-molded. Tamiya manufactures paints for both types of plastics. Use Tamiya PS (Polycarbonate Spray) paint to paint a polycarbonate body and use Tamiya TS (Tamiya Spray) to paint ABS hard plastic bodies. PS paint

Instant excitement, no need for assembly!

For those who can’t wait to get driving, Tamiya’s Expert Built (XB/Ready to Run) series of models is a fantastic choice. Each product comes fully assembled and painted, with all R/C components pre-installed; simply purchase a 7.2volt battery pack with compatible charger, transmitter batteries and you’re ready. They share the same construction with assembly kit models, and so can be tuned up, or their setup altered to match your driving style! RTR